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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Is your phone running out of battery soon? Quickly delete these 22 apps

Is your phone running out of battery soon? Quickly delete these 22 apps

Does the battery of your Android phone run out immediately even when it is fully charged? If your answer is yes then this news is useful. Some of the apps available in your Android phone may be directly related to data and battery depletion even when the phone is fully charged. There are 22 apps that are absolutely dangerous for your phone.

Apps that are dangerous for you

In fact, there are currently many Dodgy Apps available in the Google App Store, which you can download to make your life easier. But these rogue apps let you do a lot of unethical work right inside the mobile that you might not even think of. However, these Dozi apps earn ad revenue by opening windows invisibly in your mobile. These apps never come into the public eye. But with these invisible apps open, the phone's battery runs out very quickly. These apps also wipe out your internet data.

The Sparkle FlashLight app is available to run mobile Flash Flash, according to a report from The Sun. It has been downloaded by more than 1 million people worldwide, according to the App Store. But this is a dodgy app that works by opening an invisible window in your mobile phone to earn ad revenue. According to the information received, there are about 22 apps that have more than 22 lakh downloads in the App 
Store. But this is quite dangerous as it damages both your battery and data.

Here are 22 dangerous apps

  • -Sparkle FlashLight
  • -Snake Attack
  • -Math Solver
  • -Just Flashlight
  • -Table Soccer
  • -Cliff Diver
  • -Box Stack
  • -ShaperSorter
  • -Tak a Trip
  • -Magnifeye
  • -Join Up
  • -Zombie Killer
  • -Space Rocket
  • -Neon Pong
  • -Jelly Slice
  • -AK Blakjack
  • -Color tiles
  • -Animal Match
  • -Roulette Mania
  • -HexaFall
  • -HexaBlocks
  • -PairZap

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