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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Important news regarding fee relief of private schools

 Important news regarding fee relief of private schools

Gujarat has reduced fees by 25% in all private schools across the state, giving great relief to the parents of school going children.

Thus, Gujarat has become the first state in India to implement such an effective decision for all private school students.

Will other states sue?

Gujarat reduces fees by 25% in all private schools

In a notification, the Gujarat government has announced that with immediate effect, private school fees will be reduced by 25% across the state.

This exemption on private school fees will be applicable to all boards including ICSE, CBSE, State Board and others.

"In view of the wide representations of parents, the Gujarat government today decided to give 25 per cent fee waiver in all private schools including CBSE, IB, ICSE and CSE in the wider interest of the people," the government statement said.




Why has this step been taken?

According to Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, the move has been taken as per the guidelines issued by the Gujarat High Court to reduce private school fees to provide relief to parents amid slow pace and coronavirus.

In addition, every school runs classes online, schools are less expensive, and the move to reduce private school fees also seems reasonable.

The Gujarat Education Minister said, “The Council of Ministers took into account the series of government meetings with both the school management and the parents' associations in view of the directions and judgments of the Gujarat High Court in this regard. And both sides agreed with the state government, "

All private schools have agreed to reduce fees, and the new fee structure will be implemented immediately.

In addition, all parents are asked to deposit 50% of the new fee by October 31st, and if a parent decides to pay 100% clear, there is also a special discount offer fur.

Parents are requested to contact private schools and learn more about discount offer fur.

We will keep you updated as more details come.

Important News on Fee Exemption from Private Schools: Circular on Fee Relief by the State Government: 'Private schools will only charge tuition fees, fees will not be increased in the year 20-21, parents will be able to pay favorable fees, there is no delay if there are no penalties'

>> Private schools will not charge a fee for any extraordinary activities or optional activities, the latest news, jobs updates, techno TG tips and general information updates, stay with us AvkarNews please share this with your colleagues

>> All schools in the state will have to provide 25 per cent relief in fees for the year 2019-20

>> The education department of the state government has issued one more circular regarding fees. He said it would not be possible to increase fees in schools during the year 2020-21. While private schools will only be able to charge tuition fees. No special activities or optional activities will be charged. In addition, all schools in the state will have to provide 25 per cent fee relief for the year 2019-20.

>> Apart from this, 25 per cent relief has to be given in tuition fees. In addition, the state government has taken a decision in the interest of the parents due to the economic crisis caused by the Koro epidemic. The government has told schools that parents will be able to pay fees at their convenience. He will not be able to take penalty if there is a delay.

Earlier, the last date for payment of fees was October 31

Earlier, the education minister had said that schools would not be able to charge fees for transport, library, computer and sports. The education minister has requested parents to pay the fees by October 31.

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