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Wednesday, November 18, 2020




G.C.E.R.T. Board textbooks are very important for all kinds of competitive exams. English Medium Textbooks in PDF format (Std. 1 to 12)

GCERT is an acronym for Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training. This is an educational institution of Gujarat state. Gujarat State School text books have been prepared by this institute. You can view or download GCERT Standard 1 to 12 books from this page. All books are standardized, subject wise and chapter wise. GCERT Text Books GCERT Available free of charge by the board and anyone can download these books for free.

People associated with the schools say the mistake may have been due to a lack of coordination between the team and GCERT officials who put the team and the curriculum together. The teachers of the subject said that the textbooks have been using the same map with 26 districts since 2012. "It simply came to our notice then. Parents register with the Gujarat Board with the belief of providing quality education to their children. But GCERT textbooks are giving wrong information. Does anyone claim responsibility for it?

Textbook bloopers are nothing new but we have never heard of anyone being punished. The state education department must be vigilant and take action against officials with such a lack of attitude, ”the parents said. GCERT and those involved in school education have explanations just to offer on how the mistake can be made. “This mistake can happen in two ways. First, the content that the team worked to put together failed to update the GCERT and failed to bring to their attention the addition of new districts in the state.


This map has been in use since 2012. And since no one has seen the change, the old map is still being printed, ”said Anil Rawal, principal of the primary department of Diwan Ballubhai School in Maninagar. NCERT textbooks for Maths and Science only have been introduced in schools by Gujarat Education Department; For the rest of the subjects, schools use GCERT textbooks. Ironically, TS Joshi, the director of GCERT, is also part of the team that decides the curriculum and keeps it with the book. Haresh Chaudhary, Chandresh Pipaliya, K.R. Zanzrukia and Iqbal de Vora were. Joshi did not receive a call for comment.

Nitin Pethani, acting president of Gujarat State Board School textbooks, said, “Textbooks may have an old map but teachers in the classroom teach according to the new map. The textbooks explicitly mention the 2010 copyright pyrite, meaning that it contains later syllabus-wise material. If we want to change the textbook to the middle, we have to return all the books, which is not possible. When the textbooks change in the academic year 2019, the textbooks will change. "

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