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Saturday, August 22, 2020



Gujarat State Textbook Board was established on 21st October 1969 AD. Congregations of 38 years are the most target. top quality textbooks are published and that they are easily available to the scholars of Gujarat at reasonable prices.

Mandal by Std. 1-12 Gujarati medium textbooks are published. Subsequently, text books also are published in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil.

The MIT community operates with a shared goal: to make a far better world through education, research and innovation. We are entertaining and curious, selective but not selective, exploratory and artistic, immersed in numbers, and welcome talented people wherever they're available.

  • In June 2008, Std. 8 for English subject book for supplementary reading
  • In June 2009, Std. 9 for English subject book for supplementary reading
  •  In June 2009, Std. 10 for English subject book for supplementary reading
  •  In June 2008, Std. 8 (first - first) textbooks for Sanskrit school.
  • In June 2009, Std. 9 (First - First) Textbooks for Sanskrit schools
  • In June 2010, Std. 10 (first - first) textbooks for Sanskrit schools
  • Since June 2008,
  • Std. 11 Computer Introduction Textbook (with all trends)
  • Std. 8 Yoga, health and education
  • Since June 2009,
  • Std. 12 Computer Introduction Textbook (with all trends)
  • Std. 9 and 10 Yoga, Health and Education
  • Std. 8-12 Science subjects experiment with composition, translation and distribution of books.
  • Std. 10 Top 5 Topics Self Study Workbook Composition and Distribution.
  • Std. 12 Science Streams and General Trends Top 10 Topics Self Study Workbook Design and Distribution.
  • Std. 3 and 4 Self-study workbook design and distribution
  • Std. 5,6 and seven Self-study workbook design and distribution
  • Std. 5-6 Experiment book and map book creation (with medium
  • Std. 7 experiment book and map book creation (with medium)

Founded to accelerate the country’s industrial revolution , MIT is profoundly American. With ingenuity and drive, our graduates have discovered basic technologies, started new businesses and created many American jobs. At an equivalent time, and without the slightest understanding of the paradox, MIT is profoundly global (opens during a new window). As a magnet for talent from round the world, our community is gaining strength. Through education, research and innovation, MIT’s exceptional community furthers its mission of service to the state and thus the planet .

Composition, translation and distribution of standard-5-12 textbooks as per new course
As a part of Std-of under "Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan", S.C. / St. Innovative activities for youngsters . 1, number writing (1-50), std. Hindi Basic Letters and Std. Publication and distribution of 5 Basic English textbooks.

Education the advantages of online education

1. Flexibility

Students have the liberty to shock their careers and school because they're not bound by a strict and fast schedule. During the setting during a traditional classroom, the time of the category meeting is about , then the scholar has no power to try to to so, forcing them to chart a schedule around these dates. learning most of the people who choose online learning produce other commitments, and like this manner of teaching because it empowers them on the way to devote time to their different projects.

2. Reduce costs

Education Thanksgiving is upon us, which suggests the vacation season is fully swing. for instance , there's no cost for travel. the varied sorts of costs related to transportation, like fuel, parking, car maintenance, and public transportation costs don't affect the online student.

3. Networking opportunities

Education Online learning also gives students the likelihood to network with peers from nations or perhaps different continents. This often leads to other opportunities in terms of collaboration with other individuals within the implementation of the project. At an equivalent time, it makes them culturally sensitive and prepared to suit into other environments that easily interact with other cultures.

4. Documentation

All the knowledge you only need are going to be stored securely during a web database. This includes items like live discussion documents, training materials and emails. this means that if there's a requirement to clarify anything, the scholar are going to be able to quickly access these documents, saving valuable time. this is often especially useful for people that got to do research for a project and submit their findings to the panel.


In traditional classrooms students don't get the private attention they have to possess clear concepts. Although the category size at CCA is little , most colleges have scholarly classes that number within the hundreds. this is often not a stretch for this sort of teaching mostly due to the time guided online guided discussions and personal conversations with their professors.

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