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Saturday, August 15, 2020



  • Pragna Varg Study MateriaL

A meeting was held by the in-charge secretary of Mehsana district to review the existing system in order to strengthen and expedite the preventive measures in the case of Kovid-19 cases in Mehsana district. At the end of the review and discussion in the meeting, to intensify door-to-door surveillance in urban areas and to detect suspicious cases of ILI / SARVARDS / COVID-19 and refer them for medical examination / treatment at Government Hospital / UHC / CHC and COVID of persons deemed necessary. It has been decided to take the service of BLO in order to make the healing process more fast and effective by admitting the tested positive patients to Hoi Isolation / Isolation Facility / Quid Hospital and treating the limited number of field health workers in urban areas.

For Education Many programs like DPEP, SSA, NPEGEL are being run across the country to ensure education. As a result of these programs, in the last decade, there has been substantial improvement among children enrolled for primary level more than education in childrens. Even though he has worked hard and worked hard to bring the level of education up and down, he still has to spend much longer in order to fully complete this approach.

This approach gives children the opportunity to learn education at their own pace and His level.
Provides a platform for learning through experience for childrens.
Teachers and colleagues offer opportunities to learn togethers.
This approach provides an opportunity for the children's to open up the various fields of project work and outdoor learning.
Children are given the opportunity to provide stress free continuing education.
Through this approach, the child is taught how to study the study.
Learning of any kind of stressless learning is done through this pragna method.
The objective of the school of Pragna.

Pragna Classroom: In this classroom, there is a free atmosphere group where children come and they will be happy to learn. In this category, where the content is within their reach and they also have the freedom to use everything there according to their needs.

Pragna Subject Classroom: - In this classical class is constructed in place of normal classrooms. To learn that topic, each child has made it possible to get the material relevant to that subject immediately. And language- separate rooms for EVS and math-Rainbow activities are also organized in schools.


Pragna class sitting arrangement: - In this class meeting arrangements, teachers and children have to sit on the mat in place of chair and benches. Each school has provided shelter and cottage facilities for this purpose.

Pragna activity and all study matesrial in english language PDF: Like .. pragna abhigam mujab nu sahitya, PRAGNA (an ABL Approach) - Gujarat Education Department Uploaded Sahitya at

Pragna Training Teachers All Modules. PRAGNA ABHIGAM TEACHER TRAINING MODULE · Pragna varg Pragna Elementary Specialist Training · Pragna Elementary Teacher Training


This year, the Gujarat Education Department has decided to conduct a diagnosis test in standard 2. Papers are also prepared from the state government for this ...
Here the test is prepared as a sample for the standard 1 - 2 Pragna unit test, which will be especially useful for evaluating children and for teachers ...


Pragna Approach has made several changes this year in 2019. Pragna Approach has made several changes this year in 2019. Pragna has been discontinued in standard 3 to 5 and is only kept in standard 1 - 2 and many changes have been made in it.


The purpose of this test is to project children only and to evaluate ...ya has been discontinued in standard 3 to 5 and is only kept in standard 1 - 2 and many changes have been made in it.

Using this project to tackle the heavy and lightweight items will help children to learn more about the activities themselves. Based on the many experiences at home, the child will know. Just need to give it direction. Other school teachers can easily do this activity for their children. There is no need to spend extra for this activity. From the things around us, we can take things and create different scales. By doing this activity, children make such scales even when going home, and by taking various items, they weigh it and clarify their resolve. If there is a farmer's boy, then his house will be ready scales and he will go to the house immediately and take activities of different items. And this will be accomplished in the game play. This activity is simple and very useful for all.

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