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Monday, August 17, 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 17 august 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 17 august 2020

The number of corona positives in the city district has reached 17,487, according to the corporation. The death toll from the corona in the city district has risen to 738. Against which a total of 334 people including 284 from the city and 50 from the district have been discharged on the previous day. So the number of people discharged is 13,655. Currently 3094 patients are receiving treatment at different places.

A total of 34 corona patients on the ventilator
Of the 316 crore positive patients being treated in the ward at the new Civil and Covid Hospital, 242 patients are in critical condition. Of these, 18 ventilators, 51 bipoles and 173 patients are on oxygen. While 191 corona positive patients are being treated at Schmeier Hospital, the condition of 142 patients is critical. Of these, 16 are on ventilators, 37 on bipoles and 89 on oxygen.

In the last two days, 2,214 new cases of corona have been reported in Gujarat. With this, the total number of positive patients in Gujarat has now reached 78,783. At present 14,500 patients are under treatment in Gujarat i.e. active patients. Of these, 82 patients are currently on critical condition while 14,418 patients are in stable condition. A total of 39 patients died in Gujarat during Saturday-Sunday days, out of which 19 died on Saturday and 20 on Sunday, according to the Gujarat government.

On Sunday, 4-4 patients died in Ahmedabad city, Surat city and Surat district, 2-2 in Bhavnagar and Morbi districts and 1-1 in Vadodara city, Kutch, Patan and Gir-Somnath districts. Now the total number of patients dying in Gujarat has reached 2,787. The mortality rate in Gujarat is 3.5 percent.

In this direction, the recovery rate of Gujarat is constantly increasing which is a good thing. The current recovery rate is 78.2 percent. So far 61,496 patients in Gujarat have undergone coronary heart disease. Of these, 1,974 patients have recovered in the last two days alone.

So far more than 13 lakh samples have been tested in Gujarat and 778 people are being tested daily for a population of one lakh. So far, more than 19,000 sample tests have been done on a population of one lakh in Gujarat. Currently more than 5 lakh people are quarantined.

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