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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Gujarat corona update date 16 august 2020

Gujarat corona update date 16 august 2020

A total of 5,00,731 persons have been quarantined in different districts of the state to date. Out of which 4,99,932 persons have been home quarantined. While information is being received that 829 persons have been kept in facility quarantine.

If we talk about active patients, there are currently 14500 active cases in the state. 82 on the ventilator. While 14418 people are stable. 61496 people have been discharged. 2787 people have been killed. Today, 20 people have died. A total of 20 people including Surat Corporation 4, Ahmedabad Corporation 4, Surat 4, Bhavnagar 2, Morbi 2, Gir Somnath 1, Kutch 1, Patan 1, Vadodara Corporation 1 have been killed.

Corona's fate in the state has remained the same. In Gujarat, 1120 cases of corona were reported today. The total death toll from Corona has reached 2787 with 20 more deaths in the state today. There are currently 14,500 active cases in the state, while 61,496 people have been discharged. There are 82 patients on ventilator in the state and 14,418 people are stable. The total number of infected people in the state has reached 78,783. The situation in Surat in the state is worrisome. A total of 228 cases have been registered in Surat Corporation with 159 and Surat with 69. A total of 8 people have been found dead in both the places.

Where and how many deaths

A total of 20 people have died in the state today in Surat, 4 in Surat Corporation, 4 in Ahmedabad Corporation, 2 in Bhavnagar, 2 in Morbi, 1 in Gir Somnath, 1 in Kutch, 1 in Patan and 1 in Vadodara Corporation.

Where how many reported cases

159 cases were reported in Surat Corporation, 149 in Ahmedabad Corporation, 99 in Vadodara Corporation, 69 in Surat, 65 in Rajkot Corporation, 52 in Jamnagar Corporation, 45 in Panchmahal, 45 in Rajkot, 34 in Rajkot, 31 in Bharuch, 30 in Bharuch, 27 in Bhavnagar Corporation, 26 in Dahod, 25 in Amreli and 22 in Mehsana. .

How many patients have recovered today

A total of 959 patients recovered and 50,560 tests were performed in the state today. With this, 13,12,824 tests have been conducted in the state so far.

As many as 5,00,731 persons have been quarantined in different districts of the state to date, out of which 4,99,932 persons are home quarantine and 829 persons have been placed in facility quarantine.

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