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Friday, August 28, 2020

29 August All Home Learning Study Materials video and Std 3 to 12th Youtube and Diksha Portal video

29 August All Home Learning Study Materials video and Std 3 to 12th Youtube and Diksha Portal video

DD Girnar time table for students of Std. 3 to 12 Gujarat: Purity of human character in moral education and development of his personality, process of physical, mental and spiritual healing, loss of integration of culture and science, as well as free man from fear, inertia and ignorance. The process of doing. True education is the name of a harmonious combination of science and ethics. The teaching method should be such that it removes all kinds of obstacles and prepares the man for his responsibility with his best responsibility and self-esteem. Man's intellect is ten today.

‘Home Learning Materials‘ Home Learning ’has been developed in such a way that students can self-study and seek the help of parents.’ He added that the government has organized clusters of 300-45 students. Teachers will be in touch with the student cluster via phone call.

In response to a question, Chudasama said that nowadays, digital education will only become an alternative to online education. Those who do not have this facility are brought the books provided at their home rate and this distribution will end by 15th June.

In reply to another question, he said that four teachers of Kovid-19 have been killed. Two of them have been given relief as per the rules, while the other two are in the process of payment of relief.

Gandhinagar: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will inaugurate the home school program on June 15 at 9 am, the state's Education Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said while talking to media persons here.

He said that Doordarshan Girnar TV channel would broadcast school education session for students of class 3 to 8 for 30 minutes daily and for class 9 to 12 for one hour daily.

Chudasama Siad, GCERT under the state government has developed this innovative digital home learning program for the first time in India.

The Union Minister for Human Resource Development has said that schools and colleges will be closed till August 15 this year. The state government has come out with a home learning program as schools have been closed for so long and globally, the latest trend has been in physical to digital shifts, 'the minister added, adding that schools without TV facilities should be self-sufficient. Learning content by teachers.

CMO release

Gandhinagar, Saturday: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will launch the 'Home Learning' program on Monday, June 15, 2020, which will be aired on DD Girnar Channel at 8 am to further educational activities.

The decision has been taken by the state education department under the guidance of the chief minister in the wake of educational activity already affected by the global epidemic novel coronavirus COVID-19.


The Gujarat government on Saturday announced a 'Home Learning' program for Gujarati medium schools from June 15 to ensure that the new academic session is not affected by the epidemic.

‘Home Learning Materials‘ Home Learning ’has been developed in such a way that students can self-study and seek the help of parents. Teachers will be in touch with the student cluster via phone call.

The textbooks are QR coded and students will be able to view them via mobile. Also included are some audio dio visual content.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Class Find interactive and engaging teaching materials to make your class interesting
  • To see and share best practices with other teachers to explain difficult concepts to students
  • Professional Join courses to further your business development and earn badges and certificates upon completion
  • Career View your teacher history as a school teacher throughout your career
  • Receive official announcements from the State Department
  • You make digital assessments to test your students' understanding of the subject you teach

This was disclosed by Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama during a meeting on the program in the presence of Minister of State Vibhavariben Dave today that DD Girnar would broadcast the educational program for Std 3 to 12.

Similarly, BISEG will telecast GCERT and Board of Secondary Education program for Std. 5 to 12 through Vande Gujarat channel.

For those who do not have access to TV or mobile, a print of GCERT program for Std. 1 to 8 is being prepared by the concerned district agencies.

M.H.R.T. As announced by All Literature One National-One Platform-DECHSA. Available at
The state government has made arrangements to deliver worksheets to students who do not have access to television or mobile. They will also be given text books. According to Rao, the worksheet should be distributed within four to five days.

The textbooks are QR coded and students will be able to view them via mobile. Also included are some audio dio visual content.

The government has instructed all schools in the state not to charge three-month fees from students regardless of the curriculum they belong to.

In another development, Saurashtra University has postponed its annual examination, which was scheduled to start from June 25. New dates will be announced later.

Meanwhile, teachers are busy distributing textbooks and educational kits in the form of audio visuals to students and their parents at their homes with the help of local agencies.
The Gujarat government on Saturday announced a 'Home Learning' program for Gujarati medium schools from June 15 to ensure that the new academic session is not affected by the epidemic.

Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said in Gandhinagar that the educational programs to be aired on DD Girnar would cover the curriculum for students from Class III to Class XII. Vande Gujarat Channel will also show programs for students from standard five to standard.

The arrangement is for Gujarati medium students of government and private schools.

Secretary (Primary and Secondary Education), Vinod Rao, told the weekly that an estimated one lakh children are expected to benefit from the 'home study'. With the new academic sessions starting from June 15, Rao said the physical opening of schools depends on the COVID-19 situation. Students should be prepared for long-term homework, he added.

Doordarshan DD Girnar Channel 3 to 12 "Home Learning" Karyakram nu Prasaran Nihalva babat SSA no circular. About watching the broadcast of the educational lesson under the "Home Learning" program for the students of Std. 3 to 8 and std.

Benefits for students and parents

  • Scan the QR codes in your textbook for easy access to the associated text on the Text platform
  • Lessons Improve the lessons you learned in class
  • Find additional content around topics that are difficult to understand


  • Teachers help teachers deliver concepts in a simple and engaging way
  • Students help students learn better in and out of the classroom.
  • Involves students in providing high quality teaching materials even while students are studying
  • If you want to be a part of this movement, visit the Vidyadan portal using


                                       HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 3


                                      HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 4

                                     HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 5

                                  HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 6


                                      HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 7


                                     HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 8


                                         HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 10 


                                     HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 12



  • Students can learn on their own from all the standard-of-lesson activities. 6 to 8 English subject and its question-answer explanation.
  • Parents can watch their child's lessons.
  • In addition, teachers can simplify their workload.
  • This YouTube channel has been created keeping in mind three such parameters.
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Home Learning Date 29 August 2020 Textbook

Home Learning Date 29 August 2020 Textbook

NCERT textbooks serve as the backbone for elementary, secondary and senior secondary school education. Moreover, these NCERT textbooks will also help students in various competitive examinations after graduation from schooling and IIT JEE, NEET, UPSC etc.
Students can download this ebook PDF from the links shown below. The NCERT Textbooks are available for download in English as well as Hindi for both classes.

Online education schemes ::

100% Online Education - Fully-online degrees are earned from the comfort of your house with no required visits to your college or university campus.
Hybrid Education - Hybrid education allows students to pursue a mixture of online and on-campus courses.

Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama has said that the decision has been taken to close the state schools till March 29, when the state government has made an important decision as the children will not come to school anymore. Children will be able to study different subjects at home so that no study can be missed. This decision has been taken to ensure the continuity of the school whenever it opens.

The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous body that aims to provide quality education to school children in India. Its primary function is to prepare and publish model textbooks, supplementary materials, educational kits etc. NCERT Textbooks are a major part of the school system. The CBSE Board is adhering to the NCERT books in the school curriculum for Class 1 to 12, not only CBSE but also other State Boards have started following the NCERT books in their syllabus.

 'Learn at Home' - GCERT Study Material:

 Students will now study from home until the school opens.

GCERT has created special new material for children to study at home.
In the last 20 years, the online has grown from being nearly non-existent into the
foremost important , most accessible database of knowledge ever created.

Online education could also be a kind of education where students use their home computers through the online . for several nontraditional students, among all of them people who want to continue working full time or raising families, online graduations and courses became popular within the past decade. Often online graduation and course programmes, variety of which are conducted using digital technologies, are provided via the online learning portal of the host university.

Class 6 is the year where students need to understand that their performance will have a big impact on their future prospects. At this stage, students develop interests and pay special attention to the development of academic fields. In order to score well in class 6 students should know the right material to choose for study. Of these, NCERT Books for Class 6 is the most valuable study tool designed by a panel of subject matter experts. We offer NCERT books for Class 6 for Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and Hindi subjects at BYJU’s. Class 6 NCERT books provide a specific explanation of each concept of all the units under the NCERT Class 6 curriculum.

Class 7 is important for the students as it gives them a foundation in all the basic subjects and also helps in the overall improvement of the student. NCERT textbook for CBSE Class 7 students is very important for CBSE Grade 7 students, mainly because the book gives a proper overview of the whole subject which is taught as per the syllabus. Self-study is just as important as regular classes if a student wants to top their class. This is where the NCERT Class 7 math book helps them. NCERT books are usually created by subject matter experts with the aim of helping the student to easily understand from basic to complex concepts. The mathematical problems of these books are explained in very simple and easy steps.

NCERT books for Class 8 have been published by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). These books are also responsible for setting the CBSE Board’s 8th standard academic standard. Many state boards and CBSE schools recommend the curriculum of this book and follow it. Most of the exam papers in CBSE syllabus are based on the same material that NCERT books provide. In this day and age of the internet, there are so many options available for so many books and we are trying to provide you with a page here that serves Class 8 students with free downloadable links to all NCERT books.

NCERT books for class 9 are most preferred by the students of the school. These books are a package of complete knowledge for the students. The content of NCERT books is easily written and can be easily captured. NCERT Class 9 books are solidly dependent on students. Each chapter is illustrated in detail with advanced concepts. CBSE and many state boards recommend NCERT textbooks.

The curriculum of NCERT books for class 10 has been followed which follows the National Educational Research and Training NCERT. Detailed and step-by-step solutions to all textbook related questions. This provides invaluable assistance to students when they need help with their homework or while preparing for exams and learning. These books are very helpful for their preparation during the exam.

NCERT books for Class 11 have been prepared and published by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It is an autonomous body advising and assisting in the qualitative improvement of school education. It also supports state and central governments on education policies. The CBSE school curriculum, as well as the state board, adheres to the NCERT books for the curriculum.

NCERT books for class 12 are helpful in understanding all complex topics. Each topic with diagrams is explained in very simple language.

CBSE NCERT Books are the best study material for students studying in class 1 to 12. Experts have created these books after doing in-depth research and analysis of a particular subject and understanding the intellectual level of the students. Thus, NCERT textbooks are written in simple language and contain the basic basics of all subjects.

As scho
olsworldwide close for now in response to COVID-19, you would possibly be wondering how best to assist your child or children with their studies reception.A regular daily learning routine will help your child to find out more effectively reception . We therefore recommend that you simply aim to hide only one 20-30 minute White Rose Maths session every day 

Online education could also be a versatile instructional delivery system that encompasses any quite learning that takes place via the online . Online learning gives educators an opportunity to achieve students who won't be able to enroll during a standard classroom course and supports students who need to work on their own schedule and at their own pace.
And there’s more… Our team are going to be online every weekday from Monday 23rd March, between 10.00 and 11.00am to share children’s questions, examples and stories via any of our social media channels. So wherever you're within the world, encourage your child to be a part of the daily White Rose Maths fun and conversation!

Important list::



Always happy to assist , the White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of 5 maths lessons for every year group from Year 1-8. we'll be adding five more hebdomadally for subsequent few weeks. Every lesson comes with a brief video showing you clearly and easily the way to help your child to finish the activity successfully.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020



The National Education Policy was formulated in 1986 and revised in 1992. More than three decades have passed since the previous policy. During this period significant changes have taken place in our country, society, economy and the world at large. It is in this context that the demand for education in the 21st century and the needs of the people and the country need to be addressed. Quality, innovation and research will be the pillars on which India's knowledge will become a superpower. Clearly, a new education policy is needed.

The government initiated the process of formulating a new education policy through a consultative process for an inclusive, participatory and holistic approach, taking into account expert opinions, field experiences, empirical research, participatory opinions, as well as lessons learned from best practices.

New Education Policy

Following the presentation of the Draft Report, the States / Union Territories and the Ministries of the Government of India were invited to give their views and opinions on the draft National Education Policy 2019. A brief summary of the draft National Education Policy 2019 was distributed among various stakeholders, which was also translated into 22 languages ​​and uploaded on the ministry's website. A meeting was held with the state secretaries of school education and the state secretaries of higher and technical education. Education Dialogue with Hon'ble MPs from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Karnataka and Odisha.

KABE had a special meeting on National Education Policy. The meeting was attended by 26 education ministers from various states and union territories, representatives of states and union territories, members of the KABE, heads of autonomous organizations, and chancellors of universities. With senior Central and State Government officials. About 2 lakh suggestions on the draft National Education Policy were received by various office bearers. A meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education on the draft NEP 2019 was held on 07.11.2019.

The exercise to formulate a national education policy is currently underway and will be finalized soon.
The Union Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the National Education Policy 2020 on July 29, 2020.

The draft policy is based on the National Education Policy 2019, which was drafted by the former chairman of the National Education Policy Committee - Indian Space Research Organization, Dr. That. Presided over by Kasturirangan - was submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource Development on 15th December. 2018.

The four-part national education policy covers school education (Part I); Higher education (Part II); ‘Focus on other key areas’ (Part III) such as promoting adult education, Indian languages ​​and languages ​​online learning; And ‘Becoming It’ (Part IV), which discusses the implementation of the policy.

The policy calls for a reorganization of the school curriculum and pedagogy into a new '5 + 3 + 3 + 4' design, so that school education can be tailored to the needs and interests of learners at various developmental stages - a 'foundation stage', a 'preparatory stage'. '(Three years),' middle stage '(three years) and' high stage '(covering four years, nine, 10, 11 and 12).

The goal is to achieve ‘universal basic literacy and numeracy’ in primary schools by 2025. To this end, the Ministry of Human Resource Development will establish a National Mission on Foundation Literacy and Statistics.

Public and private schools - with the exception of those governed, aided or regulated by the Central Government - will be evaluated and recognized on the same criteria, benchmarks and procedures.

The Committee for Preparation of National Education Policy submitted its report to the Ministry on 31.05.2019. The draft National Education Policy 2019 (DNEP 2019) was uploaded on the MOE website and on the MyGov Innovate portal, which received the views / suggestions / comments of the appointees, including the public. The draft of NEP is based on basic pillars, access, affordability, equity, quality and liability.
By 2030, the total enrollment ratio from preschool to secondary education should be 100 percent. (GER is calculated as the percentage of total enrollment in education - regardless of age - is expressed as a percentage of the official population in a given school year.) To get and make sure they study in school, and if they have dropped out or dropped out, they will have a fair chance to rejoin or catch up with the school.



The medium of expression up to at least grade five - but preferably up to grade eight or higher - will be the student's mother tongue, or local or regional language. The ‘trilingual formula’ will be applied in schools, where two of the three languages ​​will be of Indian origin.

The policy seeks to standardize the school curriculum

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Std. 1 to 5 and std. Details of attendance of students from 6th to 8th as well as the number of meetings with teachers must be accurately verified. If any information is found to be incorrect, the responsibility of the school principal as well as the concerned taluka primary education officer will be determined. If schools other than District / Town Education Committees are shown in the attached Excel Sheet, it will not be considered. When the head teaches setup

Circular regarding grade school Mahakem | Standard 6 to eight - Upper Primary Establishment Table
General Chat Lounge on the topic mentioned above, the first schools of your district/town education committee. just in case of 31/08/2019, the scholar is instructed to organize and submit the Teacher Setup Register as per the shape and directions are given by the teacher by the date given below.

Establishment calculation format standard 3 to five and 6 to eight for all primary schools
Once the setup register for your district is prepared, you'll be sent to the office of Gujarat State Primary Education Selection Committee, Sector-1, Gandhinagar on the subsequent date and time for verification of the setup register and can be sent to a knowledgeable employee with soft copy (CD in Shruti font). The statistical details need to be prepared and presented in ARL font and therefore the rest in Shruti font.

Given the present situation, things may remain an equivalent for the subsequent two-three months. Not all children seem to be registered within the current situation. Moreover, families living outside the village are currently moving to their hometowns for work and that they also are coming to Gujarat to urge their children to enroll in schools. they're also gaining admission in government schools from private schools.Subject: As per the circular of the overall administration department, the matter of giving the advantage of transfer to the education assistants in two years ...Education assistants and teachers are requested to require appropriate decision and inform the department as soon as possible to avail the advantage of district transfer.


Class: 3 cadres was announced which has been implemented in most of the departments. But no such circular has been issued within the primary section. Female employees of fixed salary or employees working in disability quota who have completed a minimum of one year of service will get the advantage of district transfer.


H.A.T. Headmaster R.T.E. Only eligible under the Act if there are more than 150 students in 1st to 5th and / or more than 100 students in standard 10. 6 to 8. With that in mind, show the details in setup. The head teacher of each school and the taluka primary education officer will have to give a certificate along with this. The certificate of the head teacher should be kept at the taluka level while the certificate of the taluka primary education officer should be kept at the district level. Its basis has to be verified by the District Primary Education Officer and the certificate has to be submitted to the Director Office along with the setup register.


Recently, education assistants in government secondary also as higher secondary schools are given the advantage of district transfer by the Department of Education during a circular. grade school Assistants - Teachers haven't been ready to participate in appropriate social, economic or family matters for folks, spouses, children reception, and far away from home for five or more critical years early in their lives.



Schools with zero children in primary schools are not to be shown in the setup. Schools with zero children are therefore asked to close with immediate effect. If this is not done then the responsibility of the concerned TPEO will be determined. Take serious note of it. In each school, after checking the children studying regularly from your level, the number of students will have to be shown in the setup register.

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Gujarat corona update 23 august 2020

Gujarat corona update 23 august 2020

The number of cases is increasing in Saurashtra including Rajkot. The number of positive cases in Rajkot has crossed 2550 and reached 2592. 1067 patients are under treatment in Rajkot. 60 to 65 cases are being reported daily in Rajkot city. As many as 35 cases are being registered daily in rural areas as well. In Rajkot today, 28 more cases and 16 patients died from corona. Today, 76 cases have been reported in Jamnagar and 17 in Gondal.

The positive score of Bhavnagar district reached 2382
The positive score in Bhavnagar district has reached 2382. A total of 1472 positive cases have been reported in Bhavnagar city. Out of which 27 deaths, 1167 patients have been discharged free of disease and 278 patients are under treatment. A total of 910 positive cases have been reported in rural areas. Of these, 14 have died, 679 have been discharged and 210 patients are under treatment.

Tedros Adhanom, director of the World Health Organization (WHO), has made a big statement about the epidemic. According to Tedros, the epidemic could end within two years. It took two years to eradicate the Spanish flu in 1918. Currently the technology has advanced a lot, so the Corona could be stopped soon.

We have both technology and knowledge to prevent epidemics
According to Tedros during a virtual press conference in Geneva, we also have the technology and knowledge to prevent epidemics. If we look at history, we can see that epidemics cause changes in the economy and society.

Corruption in PPE, crime like murder
In response to a question, Tedros said that corruption related to PPE is a crime like murder. It can never be accepted because, if the health workers are working without PPE, they are risking their lives for us. Corruption in PPE is like putting the lives of health workers at risk.

The WHO praised India
The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised India's efforts to prevent coronary heart disease. According to the WHO, the transition to India is not spreading fast, but the risk remains. That is why we need to be careful.


More risk in densely populated countries: WHO
According to Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO's health disaster program on Friday, coronary heart disease cases in India are doubling in three weeks, but are steadily rising. Not only in India but also in the densely populated countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan and South Asia, the epidemic situation is not explosive, but there is a risk of it happening. Ryan warned that if the transition starts at the community level it will spread very quickly.

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Std 3 to 8 Gujarati essay pdf for primary schools

Std 3 to 8 Gujarati essay pdf for primary schools

The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the planet . Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom.

As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

Research suggests that online learning has been shown to extend retention of data , and take less time, meaning the changes coronavirus have caused could be here to remain .

While countries are at different points in their COVID-19 infection rates, worldwide there are currently quite 1.2 billion children in 186 countries suffering from school closures due to the pandemic. In Denmark, children up to the age of 11 are returning to nurseries and schools after initially closing on 12 March, but in South Korea students are responding to roll calls from their teachers online.

Gujarati essay pdf is required for all competition in schools

With this sudden shift faraway from the classroom in many parts of the earth , some are wondering whether the adoption of online learning will still persist post-pandemic, and the way such a shift would impact the worldwide education market.

Even before COVID-19, there was already high growth and adoption in education technology, with global tech investments reaching US$18.66 billion in 2019 and therefore the overall marketplace for online education projected to succeed in $350 Billion by 2025. Whether it's language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, or online learning software, there has been a big surge in usage since COVID-19.

In these unprecedented times, ODL can support learning within the non-formal and informal sectors, also because of the formal education sector. Below may be a curated list of resources for policymakers, school and college administrators, teachers, parents and learners which will assist with student learning during the closure of educational institutions. Most of those are available as open educational resources with different licenses. the precise license conditions for reuse and remix are contained within the links.

Multiple differences are identified with online learning compared to normal classroom. First, the learner populations are more diverse. Second, users’ familiarities with the utilization of computers vary significantly. Third, the normal interaction of instructor, learner, and content is more complicated with the introduction of technology, software, and, communication complicated the teaching environment. the appliance of tools as associated with the learner, professor, content, technology, software, and communication end in the enhancement of teaching methods in online learning. The outcomes of quality of online instruction through the utilization of tools end in benefiting the learner, professor, and also as institutes.




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Std 3 to 8 Hindi essay pdf for primary schools

Std 3 to 8 Hindi essay pdf for primary schools

hindi essay pdf is required for all competition in schools

How is that the education sector responding to COVID-19?

In response to significant demand, many online learning platforms are offering free access to their services, including platforms like BYJU’S, a Bangalore-based educational technology and online tutoring firm founded in 2011, which is now the world’s most highly valued edtech company. Since announcing free live classes on its Think and Learn app, BYJU’s has seen a 200% increase within the number of latest students using its product, consistent with Mrinal Mohit, the company's Chief Operating Officer.

Tencent classroom, meanwhile, has been used extensively since mid-February after the Chinese government instructed 1 / 4 of a billion full-time students to resume their studies through online platforms. This resulted within the foremost important “online movement” within the history of education with approximately 730,000, or 81% of K-12 students, attending classes via the Tencent K-12 Online School in Wuhan.

Other companies are bolstering capabilities to supply a one-stop buy teachers and students. for instance , Lark, a Singapore-based collaboration suite initially developed by ByteDance as an indoor tool to satisfy its own exponential growth, began offering teachers and students unlimited video conferencing time, auto-translation capabilities, real-time co-editing of project work, and smart calendar scheduling, amongst other features. to try to to so quickly and during a time of crisis, Lark ramped up its global server infrastructure and engineering capabilities to make sure reliable connectivity.

With an increasing number of states, provinces and even whole countries closing institutions of learning as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 70% of the world’s students aren't attending school (UNESCO, 2020). COL stands able to share its expertise and resources to enable stakeholders to stay the doors of learning open for all.

See COL’s statement on COVID-19.

Learn more about the International Partnership of Distance and Online Learning for COVID-19.

Since its establishment in 1987, COL has supported governments and academic institutions within the Commonwealth to determine robust distance teaching institutions and build competencies for quality online learning practices. Over the years, it's created many resources, including courses, policy briefs, how-to toolkits, also as guidelines on online learning and related areas that are downloadable to be used by policymakers, teachers and researchers round the globe.


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Std 3 to 8 English essay pdf for primary schools

Std 3 to 8 English essay pdf for primary schools

distance learning solution, DingTalk, had to rearrange for a uniform influx: “To support large-scale remote work, the platform tapped Alibaba Cloud to deploy quite 100,000 new cloud servers in only two hours last month – setting a replacement record for rapid capacity expansion,” consistent with DingTalk CEO, Chen Hang.

Some school districts are forming unique partnerships, just like the one between The l. a. Unified administrative district and PBS SoCal/KCET to supply local educational broadcasts, with separate channels focused on different ages, and a variety of digital options. Media organizations a touch just like the BBC are also powering virtual learning; Bitesize Daily, launched on 20 April, is offering 14 weeks of curriculum-based learning for teenagers across the united kingdom with celebrities like Manchester City footballer Sergio Aguero teaching a number of the content.

english essay pdf is required for all competition in schools

Online learning provides a various group of individuals the chance to participate in education. Online learners may take a course online for a spread of reasons including a busy work schedule, time conflicts, etc. Students anywhere may take a web course to strengthen their skills.

In addition to the standard interaction in normal classroom environment among the learner, instructor and content, online courses have two sets of interacting styles. the primary one consists of the learner, instructor, and content. The other consists of technology; software and methods of communication. These styles represent the interaction that creates online learning a top quality educational experience.

In normal classroom learning, variables include the learner, instructor, and content. Online learning however, becomes much more complex thanks to the addition of technology, software, and communication (discussion rooms).Similar to normal classroom environment, online learners are required to require quizzes, exams, complete assignments, and interact with the trainer and other students .Online learning occurs through a spread of tools including a conferencing system, student progress tracking, a bulletin board, student self-evaluation, grade maintenance and distribution, navigation tools, timed quizzes and exams, electronic message , and course content searches.


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Saturday, August 22, 2020



G.C.E.R.T. - Gandhinagar, Gujarat All the first schools within the state are taken in unit test (periodical examination) hebdomadally . This unit are often variety of reasons and reasons behind taking the exam. which can be useful for youngsters . Here may be a solution of this unit test papers, which can be very useful for each teacher and students.

For Class 8 students, NCERT Solutions for sophistication 8 science is a crucial study material while preparing for the exam. These solutions are developed by highly skilled material experts to assist students overcome their doubts. Students can ask these solutions once they need completed the answer of the exercise questions mentioned within the NCERT textbook of sophistication 8 Social Sciences.

Q1 - What are the chapters included within the civic a part of class 8 society?

Ans: These chapters are included under NCERT Solutions for sophistication 8 science Citizen.

Unit One: Indian Constitution and Secularism

Chapter 1: Indian Constitution

Chapter 2: Understanding Secularism

Unit Two: Making Parliament and Laws

Chapter :: Why can we need Parliament?

Chapter 4: Understanding the Law

Unit Three: Judiciary

Chapter :: Judiciary

Chapter 6: Understanding Our Criminal Justice System

Unit Four: Social Justice and Marginalization

Chapter 7: Understanding the Margins

Chapter 8: Facing Marginization

Unit Five: Government's Economic Presence

Chapter 9: Public Facilities

Chapter 10: Law and Social Justice

Q2: What are the chapters included within the history section of sophistication 8 social?

Answer: an inexpensive view of India's past will enable students to develop an understanding of their origins and permit them to simply accept all the struggles and achievements of our ancestors. NCERT Solutions for Social Sciences Curriculum Class 8 includes the subsequent chapters:

How, when and where

From trade to territory

Rule across the country

Tribes, Dicks and Vision

When people rebel

Colonialism and therefore the city

Weavers, iron smelters and factory owners

To make ‘Native’ a member, to teach the state

Women, gender and reform

The changing world of the visual arts

The Making of the National Movements: 1870 - 1947

India after independence

Q3: Chapter 2 provides a brief description of soil, soil, water, natural flora and fauna resources.

Ans: Land, soil and water come under natural resources and that they are the foremost important resources. Under biological resources, we will consider natural plant and wildlife resources. Both biotic and abiotic resources are disruptive in nature, therefore the judicial use of those resources should be maintained to prolong their life.

The earth is one among the foremost essential natural resources on earth. It covers about 30% of the surface . 90% of the world's population occupies only 30% of the acreage . The remaining 0% of the land is either sparsely populated or uninhabited.

Land is inhabited unevenly thanks to various factors like soil and climate, soil water fertility etc.

In general, sparsely populated or desolate areas are thanks to the rugged tops il il.

You will also study the subsequent topics:

Land use

Conservation of natural resource

Soil, soil composition, factors affecting soil formation, soil degradation and conservation.

The problem of water, water availability and conservation

Natural flora and fauna, its distribution and conservation

Q4: What are the benefits of sample papers?

Ans: Preparing with sample papers will increase focus and it'll offer you a thought of the way to prioritize what topic to undertake to form early and what points to undertake within the end. Sample paper and mock tests offer you a transparent idea about the exam model and therefore the sort of questions.

Try to solve this sample paper PDF during a timely manner, like during a time-bound manner. This develops their level of thinking and answering questions during a given time set. After solving each sample paper and mock question paper with answers, students can analyze their level of readiness and note of weaknesses.

The solutions are easy to know and explained in simple words.
They are provided step-by-step to assist students easily understand each concept.
These solutions are developed consistent with the newest syllabus of NCERT science .
They cover all the exercise questions mentioned within the NCERT textbook of sophistication 8 Social Sciences.


They help students get the specified marks within the final examination .
NCERT solutions for sophistication 8 SST function a guide, showing them the right thanks to answer a selected question. science Class 8 NCERT solutions are explained intimately using appropriate examples. If students have difficulty solving difficult questions, they will ask these solutions for help.
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The first two periodical assessment examinations of the present school term i.e. unit test are to be held between 29/7/2020 and 30/7/2020. Unit test question papers are often given to students keeping in sight the local situation. If it's impossible to offer a print out of the exam to the faculties of the content zone and to the scholars living in such zone, the exam are often given to the scholars through social media. Question papers also can be viewed on the websites of GCERT and GSHSB.

If the unit test notebook can't be given to the scholars thanks to Jupiter's transition or other reasons, the scholars are going to be ready to write the answers in their notebook. even as the unit test is allowed to succeed in students through social media, students also can send their answer books to the teacher through social media. Relevant teachers will need to check the solution book through social media. Necessary supervision are going to be arranged through telephonic discussion with teachers, parents and youngsters of your level for straightforward planning of unit examination. Telephone monitoring also will be arranged by the state level CCC and other staff. This test isn't a proper examination but endless assessment as a part of the teaching-learning process. additionally the unit test is meant to encourage students to focus attention in order that the test is additionally a neighborhood of the scholar learning process. additionally , through this unit testing, the teacher or educated parent can give their child the required guidance and remedial work by knowing the staple .

NCERT Solutions for sophistication 8 Science - 

What might be better than getting all the free NCERT solutions for sophistication 8 Science in one place? Gone are the times once you had to flick through various websites to urge all Class 8 Science NCERT solutions in one place. the category exam syllabus is a stepping stone to higher classes where you are feeling the themes are outside your league and not difficult to know . One vital thing to stay in mind is that the concepts introduced into the science curriculum form the backbone of the upper crust . Class 8 Science NCERT Solutions covers all the chapters of sophistication 8 Science intimately which may assist you to clear your basic concepts instantly. you'll want to travel through the small print of all the chapters to seek out out what the key points are about before you begin learning it in any chapter. Knowing about the previous chapter can awaken you ways to maneuver forward and map your preparation using the NCERT solution of sophistication 8 Science. Below are the chapter wise details of Science NCERT Class 8 Solutions.

Chapter 1 - Crop Production and Management

Through this chapter you'll find out how food is ready by different farming methods. during this chapter you'll study Kharif crop and Ravi crop. you'll be ready to understand the essential methods of crop production which include-

1. Soil preparation

2. Sowing

3. Adding manure and fertilizers

4. Irrigation

5. Weed protection

6. Harvest

7. Collection

You will also find information about fertilizers and fertilizers during this chapter. If you're also the one who usually confuses between manure and compost, you not need to worry. As Vedantu has provided an in depth distinction between fertilizers and fertilizers within the free PDF of Science of Chapter 1 of NCERT Solutions Class 8, you'll be ready to study the normal and modern methods of irrigation and understand the agricultural journey of India. NCERT Solutions for sophistication 8 Science Chapter 1 contains solutions to all or any the 11 questions given in your NCERT textbook.



The deadline for college kids to return to high school by AUGUST 28 has been extended by conducting tests between August 27 and 28. Delivery of the test consistent with the new deadline Students submit the solution book back to the varsity by writing the answers by 5th September
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Social science may be a branch of science that deals with human behavior in its social and cultural aspects. this subject explains how our own society works - causes unemployment or helps economic process , how and why people vote, or what makes people happy. It provides important information for governments and policy makers, local authorities, non-governmental organizations et al. .

The textbooks of Gujarat Board of Secondary and better education are designed by material experts who have in-depth knowledge of the topic . GSEB Class 7 textbooks of social sciences are a compilation of subjects associated with history, geography and civics. it's presented during a well-structured format, consistent with the problem level of the concepts. At the top of every chapter, practice questions are provided in order that students are complete with their concepts. Textbook class 7 follows GSEB syllabus of social sciences.

All plants, animals and humans depend upon their immediate surroundings. they're also hooked in to one another . This relationship between living organisms and therefore the surrounding ecosystem forms an ecosystem.
The natural environment includes land, water, air, plants and animals. Thus, the natural environment refers to both biological (plants and animals) and abiotic (soil) conditions that exist on Earth.
The main components of the environment - natural (land, air, water, living things), man-made (buildings, parks, bridges, roads, industries, monuments, etc.) and human (individual, family, community, religion, educational), economic, etc.) .

Four samples of man-made environment: buildings, parks, bridges and roads.
The lithosphere may be a solid crust or the hard top layer of the world . it's made from rocks and minerals and is roofed with a skinny layer of soil. it's an irregular surface with various land forms like mountains, plateaus, plains, valleys, etc.Plants and animals are the 2 main components of the biological environment,
The biosphere may be a narrow zone of the world where land, water and air interact with one another to support life. Thus, the plant and animal kingdoms together form the biosphere, that is, the living world.


From the start citizenry interact with the environment and alter it consistent with their needs. Early humans adapted to the natural environment. They lived an easy life and met the requirements of the character around them. But their needs kept growing. They also became diverse. to satisfy these diverse needs, humans learned to grow crops, control animals, and lead stable lives. Wheels were invented, surplus food was produced, barter systems emerged, trade began and commerce flourished. the economic Revolution made production possible. By and transport became faster. the knowledge revolution made communication round the world easier and faster. during this way humans adapted to the environment to satisfy their needs.
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NCERT Solutions for sophistication 7 Science are provided here to assist students lay a robust foundation for the topic . The answers to the questions associated with the themes present within the NCERT Class 7 textbooks are explained during a simple and descriptive manner. These solutions will help students improve the standard of answers written within the exam as they start to use logical approaches and methods when answering questions.

While Railroad Magnet and therefore the former Governorate of California. When Stanford ad his wife, Jane Lathrop Stanford, lost their only child, Leland, Jr., to typhoid, they decided to create a university due to the foremost suitable fitting memorial, and thanks to distressed luck, including an 8,180-acre Palo Alto stock farm. Has become. Campus Muvekma is found within the traditional area of the Ohlon tribe. Stanford made his plans when the Fashionable Research University was formed.

Chapter 1: Nutrition in plants

In this lesson, students will study nutrients, nutritional status in plants, photosynthesis process, other sorts of nutrients in plants, how nutrients are replenished in soil.

Chapter 2: Nutrition of Animals

In the previous chapter, we learned about plant nutrition. Now during this chapter students are going to be ready to study animal nutrition. The chapter begins with the state of food intake within the body, then the human gastrointestinal system is described with a well illustrated figure. It then describes the digestion of herbivores. Digestion and food are explained at the top of the amoeba.

Chapter 3: Fiber and Fabric

This chapter explains the method of obtaining ool and silk. It describes the animals that give w and therefore the process by which fibers are converted into w. Then the topic of silk begins. It describes the life history of silkworm and therefore the process of obtaining silk from cocaine.

Chapter 4: Heat

In the chapter, students understand how we'll determine whether the recent object is hot or cold, the way to measure the temperature. This chapter then explains about laboratory thermometers and warmth transfer. Finally he talks about what quite clothes we wear during summer and winter.

Chapter 5: Acids, Bass and Salt

This chapter helps students understand the essential definitions of acids and bases, the kinds of natural indicators around us, the method of neutralization and samples of neutralization in lifestyle .

Chapter 6: Physical and Chemical Changes

Through this chapter, students are going to be ready to learn physical and chemical changes through various activities. This chapter then sheds light on the topic , iron fouling and crystallization.


The safety and well-being of scholars , faculty and staff at California State University may be a fundamental concern for the institution. During this health crisis, CSU disease control centers and thus U.S. State.Aland follows the guidance of the Stanford Junior University Department - yet its legal name - opened on October 1, 1891.
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The Gujarat Board (GSEB) Class 6 science textbook is split into two parts, with 9 chapters partially 1 and 13 chapters partially 2. On our BYJU website, we've compiled science textbook class 6 in English medium and Gujarati medium. to urge good marks in their exams, students should be versed within the subjects mentioned within the textbook. Students with a radical knowledge of the textbook are going to be ready to answer any sort of questions asked within the exam. The textbook has been suggested by the GSEB Board with regard to the syllabus. Gujarat Board Class science textbook, explains each subject and subtopic intimately along side related topics and events. for college kids , textbooks are always useful for easily understanding difficult concepts. It simplifies the training process.

Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) may be a leading state level institution for enhancing quality education in state and state-level primary and secondary schools.

Prior to 1988, it had been a state education institution. it had been later upgraded to SCERT in 1988 under a resolution of the state Department of Education. The Upgraded SCERT, now referred to as the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT), maybe a state-level institution and is managed and guided by the Board of Directors also because of the Executive Committee.

As per the chapter of Gujarat Board (GSEB) Class 6 science Part 1
Chapter 1: Sources of History
Chapter 2: Maps
Chapter :: Citizenship
Chapter 4: the start of Human Life
Chapter 5: Earth-Our-Home
Chapter 6: the start of Permanent Life
Chapter :: Gujarat: Location, Boundaries and Physiology
Chapter 8: Unity in Diversity
Chapter 9: Ancient Towns
Chapterwise Name Gujarat Board (GSEB) Class 6 science Part 2
Chapter 1: Vedic Age
Chapter 2: Climate and Natural Resources of Gujarat
Chapter :: Administration during Mahajanapada
Chapter 4: Local Self-Government (Rural)
Chapter :: Gujarat: Agriculture, Industries and Transport
Chapter :: Local Self-Government (Urban)
Chapter :: the mixture of Peace and Non-Violence
Chapter :: We, Gujaratis
Chapter 9: The Emperor
Chapter 10: Disaster Management
Chapter 11: Rights and Duties
Chapter 12: the key Empire
Chapter 13: Continent: Antarctica and Australia Australia

Gujarat State Textbook Board was established on 21st October 1969 AD. Congregations of 38 years are the most target. top quality textbooks are published and that they are easily available to the scholars of Gujarat at reasonable prices.

Mandal by Std. 1-12 Gujarati medium textbooks are published. Subsequently, text books also are published in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil.


The initial commencement, during which no degree was awarded, continued until June 2, 1915. The second annual commencement happened the subsequent year and saw the award of a primary degree: one degree and two doctoral degrees. The AU accepted both women and African Americans, who were unusual in education at the time. Among its first 28 students were five women, while one African American doctoral student was admitted in 1915.
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Science may be a subject that paves the way for everybody to organize for various medical and engineering competitive examinations. You never know what business you would possibly choose after completing 12th. Thus, it's important to hide your basics altogether subjects. Especially in science, because this is often one among the topics which will be useful in lifestyle . we've provided chapter by chapter overview for your understanding.

University Advancement is liable for OCU’s alumni relationships and development activities. The Advancement Team works closely with alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations to supply the resources needed by Ohio Christian University’s school and students. Our Alumni Relations and Events Office Fees hosts and orchestrates up to twenty events on campus and within the country where our alumni live and work. The event team includes staff members who work to assist our mission student financially support our mission, as a record gift, and to take care of a database.

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Where does food come from?

Chapter 1 of the NCERT textbook deals with the varied sources of food that are available and what we consume a day . This chapter begins with an activity that introduces the food we eat a day and makes students conscious of the food we eat a day . Moreover, this chapter discusses all the sources and ingredients of food that become plants. This chapter categorizes food from plants and animals.

Class 6 Science Chapter 2 Food Ingredients

Chapter 2 explains the ingredients of a diet, compares the foods we eat, and therefore the proportions of some foods. along side this, this chapter explains the effect of various food components of our body and the way to develop a diet . we start this chapter by introducing the various foods that structure rice, chapati, salad, vegetables, etc. This chapter introduces various terms like carbohydrates,
Gujarat State Textbook Board was established on 21st October 1969 AD. Congregations of 38 years are the most target. top quality textbooks are published and that they are easily available to the scholars of Gujarat at reasonable prices.

Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Fiber to Fabric

This chapter explains to the scholars the method of creating cloth from raw materials that are obtained from animals and plants. This chapter will take you to other processes of cloth making from fabrics, fabrics and fibers. The chapter begins with the activity of identifying differing types of materials . Concepts like natural, synthetic fibers are introduced into nature as you progress forward. It then continues with plant fibers like jute and cotton and their cleaning and purification process with extraction is explained during this chapter.

Class 6 Science Chapter 4 sorts the fabric in groups

Arranging different content into groups is a stimulating chapter because it teaches you ways to categorize the budgets and content around you. this idea can assist you affect various complex problems with elements and animals. This chapter also helps to awaken the objects around them by observing the dimensions and shape of the objects.
Mandal by Std. 1-12 Gujarati medium textbooks are published. Subsequently, text books also are published in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil.


American University (AU or American) could also be a personal research university in Washington DC, with its main campus cover a neighborhood of 40 acres (36 hectares) within the Spring Valley neighborhood within the northwestern a part of the district on Ward Circle, on the location of Fort Gains. . In 1893, at the insistence of Methodist Bishop Fletcher Hurst, the AU was given a charter by an act of Congress, which sought to determine what could promote public service, internationalism, and pragmatic idealism.
Gujarat State Textbook Board was established on 21st October 1969 AD. Congregations of 38 years are the most target. top quality textbooks are published and that they are easily available to the scholars of Gujarat at reasonable prices.
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STD 7 All Spelling Pdf Gujarat

STD 7 All Spelling Pdf Gujarat

Education All Circulars of Districts And Niyamak kacheri Gandhinagar,all Primary, Secondary and Higer Secondary Department. we also uploads various Job Updates of various government & Non-Government Sector from all over india. This blog is daily update about primery school letest circular , Educational newspaper news, Breking news ,all Goverment and private job ,Latest Techno tips, Insurance, Loans ,ular Newspaper like Gujarat Samay,Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh, Gujarat Samachar, Akila News And Many Other Newspaper.

The app isn't just a vocabulary; It also includes each word's own online and offline fly content in order that students can master the words. If you do not want to miss the important year grade 7 for developing English level, you ought to not ignore this 7th-grade spelling glossary.

7th-grade spelling vocabulary includes sub-lists and shows during a webpage, so you'll see the words all faster. Want to understand the definition of any word? Click a word; Its disclosure will crop up in seconds. additionally , if you favor to review offline, there's a 7th-grade spelling list available for download in PDF files and practice worksheets.

Withquick access, additionally to the Grade 7 spelling list PDF and offline fly worksheets, you'll also choose other features, like vocabulary with definitions, spe online spelling exercises and word definition tests.
Spelling skills should be developed as a part of the general language arts phonomic awareness, phonetic, reading comprehension, vocabulary and reading flow, grammar, reading and writing programs. Children (with the assistance of their parents) should develop their basic spelling skills through words, regular writing, continuous reading, study of spelling rules and games in spelling games

With the assistance of their parents, children can develop and strengthen basic spelling skills through the subsequent activities:

Regular writing for the top on spelling, punctuation and other concepts
Use of continuous reading or workbook reading
Frequent study of spelling rules like the connection between letters and sounds
Bee spells for your child a fun thanks to practice their spells

To help them develop their spelling skills by playing spell games, quizzes or word games
Structured computer spelling programs
Personalized tutoring and support to create confidence
Set daily time blocks for spelling and reading activities

Instructed by guided spelling activities like word types or word box access
Creating an upscale language environment reception supported the number and quality of spoken words


Download std 7 pdf from here

 Our 7th grade spell words will assist you target your spelling instruction and practice. By seventh grade, students should have a robust foundation in basics.
Grade 7 is vital for enriching language skills for secondary school students, so some districts have 7th standard English assessment exams. This 7th-grade spelling glossary may be a handy tool for college kids to satisfy average and more academic requirements.

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STD 8 All Spelling pdf Gujarat

STD 8 All Spelling pdf Gujarat 

Our list of 8th-grade spell words has many challenging, interesting words! Is it good to understand the way to use and spell words like an event, subtle, and chaotic? 

Eighth-grade spelling course sequence

Eighth-grade students should be conversant in about 15,000 words and skim 1,000,000 words annually. Eighth-grade spelling students should skill to decode previously unseen words by understanding English spelling conventions. They also need knowledge and strategy for spelled words that haven't been spelled before.

Therefore, emphasizing eighth grade spelling ensures that students are conversant in spelling conventions and are ready to apply them properly. An example of a spelling convention is that if the suffix begins with a vowel, like -ablel, -ed, or -ing, and therefore the original word ends during a vowel and consonant, the ultimate letter are going to be doubled. We see that the stop stops, the faucet is tapped, and therefore the clap becomes clapping. 

Spelling skills should be developed as a part of the general language arts phonomic awareness, phonetic, reading comprehension, vocabulary and reading flow, grammar, reading and writing programs. Children (with the assistance of their parents) should develop their basic spelling skills through words, regular writing, continuous reading, study of spelling rules and games in spelling games. 

With the assistance of their parents, children can develop and strengthen basic spelling skills through subsequent activities:
  • Regular writing for the top on spelling, punctuation and other concepts
  • Use of continuous reading or workbook reading
  • Frequent study of spelling rules like the connection between letters and sounds
  • Bee spells for your child a fun thanks to practice their spells
  • To help them develop their spelling skills by playing spell games, quizzes or word games
  • Structured computer spelling programs
  • Personalized tutoring and support to create confidence
  • Set daily time blocks for spelling and reading activities
  • Instructed by guided spelling activities like word types or word box access
  • Creating an upscale language environment reception supported the number and quality of spoken words



Children learn through a spread of spelling activities that include many creative methods that make the eighth-grade spelling program fun for them. Remember, every child learns at a special rate, so what works for a few students might not be the proper approach for your child. That’s why numerous parents enjoy the self-dynamic, modulated lesson plans of Time4Learning. you'll skip lessons that teach your child already mastered concepts and repeat what she or she doesn’t. the selection is yours.

There are many other spelling conventions that are introduced and discussed during the eighth grade spelling, all of which contribute to a student's skills in reading and writing English.

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Std 6 All Spelling Pdf file Gujarat

Std 6 All Spelling Pdf file Gujarat

This sixth grade vocabulary list was made from an analysis of difficult words that appear in basic readers and other books commonly taught in 6th grade. The words were then analyzed to see how often they appeared on the English language arts state tests offered in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. This vocabulary vocabulary is free and printable, but it is also available through our systematic vocabulary development program, Word Up Project, which has been proven to increase scores. You can also view the word list of other levels of the Word Up project.
Keywords / Tsgs: 6th grade spelled words, vocabulary word list, spelled word list 6th standard, 6th standard word list, 6th standard words

Subject: English Vocabulary and Spelling, 6th class.
Grade level: 6th, 6th grade, 6th class.
List of words:

Accordion, abundant, abundant, abbreviated, abnormal, abnormal, abolished, bare, accessible, contingent, accelerated, acceptable, acknowledgment, access access, accuracy, habit, acceptance, acceptance, admission, advice administration, administration, ambassador, analysis,

Arrogant , Antennae, antenna, antenna, antidote, antiques, apparel
Add to this list Hide words

Clear, atmosphere, appearance, appetite, admiration, admiration, approachable, sanctioned, clever, archeology, knowledge, assurance, archery, architect, enthusiastic, area, atheist, athlete, array, artery, artificial, artillery, ascent, attitude, Attorney, awe, awesome, supportive, supportive, collaborative, organization

Assume, asteroid, measles, balmy, authority, attendee, ac detorium, autobiography, automatic, available, dot, avid, avocado, annoying, axis, baffle, ballet, bankrupt, barometric, benefit, bsich, bavilder, bivich, way Prejudice, bibliography, bicarb, big-league, big-ticket

Big, bigot , Bright, bright, art, bright, scratch

Scratch, scratch, broadcast, bulletin, bully, burdensome, shaper, causal, cartographer, candidate, canine, capacity, capsule, caption, caricature, category, challenge, cello, sizzler, centennial, ritual, certificate, Charter, love, circumstances, circumstances, chiseled, citizen

Cultured , Confused, complementary, complete, complex, beautiful, appreciative

Commercial, commission, committed, season, conversation, communication, compact, comparison, compassion, compelling, aptitude, rival, admiration, combination, compromise, imagination, conclusion, condemnation, mourning, confirmation, consciousness, result, consequence, defense Congratulations, connection, conscious, consciously, corresponding, controversy

Clear, constitutional, damage, resistance, persistent, persistent, controlled, controlled, controversial, convertible, convex, expression, corps, integration, crossbar, correspondence, counterpart, corruption, council, consultant, counterbalance, fake, courtesy, cranium, Croquet, craziness, credit, creditor, crescendo

Crisis, Emergency, Criticism, Crustacean, Crystallization, Coke Old, Curfew, Drone, Elegance, Drought, Intrusive, Intoxication, Dual, Duplicate, Duration, Mandatory, Resilience, Alternative, Encouraging, Experience Expiration, curio, curiosity, cursory, dabble, deficiency

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Download std 6 pdf file from here

Description: This is a list of 1,300 words known to sixth grade students. It includes words that are more academic and difficult to spell. This sixth standard vocabulary will prepare them for the lessons usually read during the sixth standard.

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